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The Mentalist

The Mentalist is one of my favorites TV shows, probably because Patrick Jane is insanely funny but, at the same time, it looks like he has a hidden ‘dark’ side. And, of course, I love the way he break the rules.

For this image I analyzed english dialogues of the first two seasons, and here you have the most used words: jane (449), guys (368), sorry (358), lisbon (302), agent (252), murder (248), cho (201), nice (190), rigsby (189), kid (167), boss (152), john (152), van (147), cbi (141), husband (140), pelt (139), real (139), excuse (132), phone (125), truth (117), patrick (116), killer (114), stuff (111), police (110), couple (108), anyone (107), cop (107), victim (99), drugs (97), somebody (97), charge (96), arrest (95), investigation (94), hurt (92), nobody (92), hell (90), mom (89), shot (87), jim (82), lawyer (81), dad (80), whatever (80), crime (78), damn (78), suspect (77), serious (76), bosco (75)…

I know this image looks a little bit crazy, but all on this tv show looks distorted so I feel it must be the spirit of the show.


The Beatles

What can I say about The Beatles?. The most iconic band ever.

For this visualization I took the lyrics of 290 Beatles song’s and I analyzed the most used words. Do you guess wich one is the most used?… by far: LOVE.

The most used: love (701), know (464), oh (347), baby (293), go (281), well (264), say (259), come (251), get (239), can (232), want (226), now (225), got (222), see (216), like (199), yeah (186), just (184), girl (180), hey (173), tell (167), little (162), day (160), one (157), way (154), make (153), time (147), back (144), take (130), said (127), feel (125), good (125), right (125), look (121), never (121), cry (120), home (117), need (115), long (110), yeh (109), night (107), things (105), think (104), man (103), leave (99), waiting (94), please (93), mine (91), yes (89), hold (88), away (87), better (86), try (86), dance (84), heart (83), much (80), mind (76), ever (73)…

In the first image the words size are proportional to the number of times a word appears. In the next images the most used are bigger but there is no relationship between the word size and the visualization data.

Lot of songs, lot of data… I will post again about The Beatles.

Words Words Words

Today goes on sale Bo Burnham’s latest work, “Words, Words, Words”. As you can see I have been involved in the CD/DVD cover with one of my illustrations.

I wish the best to this hilarious comedian/singer (hard to define!). If you don’t know Bo take a look at his website or watch one of his youtube videos. You will not regret.

You can also find Words, Words, Words in iTunes.

Thanks Bo!.

Half a Million Manic Miners

This is a tribute to the best game ever… Manic Miner by Matthew Smith. Originally released by Bug-Byte in 1983, written for the ZX Spectrum… yes I know… I’m old (my mobile ringtone is the start-game music for Knight Lore).

But we are talking about one of the most addictive games ever… so, do you want to play?. Hidden, in between half a million Manic Miners there is one Jet Set Willy. Yes, I’m manic too, but it’s a fair revenge for those lost hours trying to solve the “Solar Power Generator” level… So Matthew Smith take that!.

Take a look… the man on the right is Jet Set Willy. Big difference, eh? }:-)

Download PDF JO-D-101004-ManicMiner

This second image is about Matthew Smith in these days.

Download PDF JO-D-101004-MatthewSmith

Links with more about Manic Miner and an old funny history about Matthew Smith.

Honore Daumier

This all-in-one man was a French painter, sculptor and printmaker but he was best know because of his caricatures. Take a look at this wikipedia article about him. I love some of his paintings.  So for this work I used the most representative words of his Wikipedia article and one of his beautiful paintings.

Words to Victory

This will be my last World Cup visualization. I took from Marca.com all the comments the readers left in each match between Spain and other countries. More than 25.000.

The first graph show the evolution of the most used words. The second one only the names of the players and, of course, the coach. The graph, in both cases, shows an average number in groups of 30 comments.

The face of ‘de Bosque’ has the most used words sized proportional to number of times the word appears.

It was funny to notice how the battle between Spain and Argentina was beyond the championship itself.

Download PDF JO-D-100912-Words in the Way to Victory

Enrique Burgos

Enrique Burgos is one of the top spanish bloggers about marketing.  We share a friend, we talked about him and  how interesting would be to know the evolution of the words of his posts.

So I sorted and counted the words from more than 250 post, from october 2007 to september 2010, and here you have the results.

It would be nice to receive some  advices from him.

Hope you like it man!.