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Words to Victory

This will be my last World Cup visualization. I took from Marca.com all the comments the readers left in each match between Spain and other countries. More than 25.000.

The first graph show the evolution of the most used words. The second one only the names of the players and, of course, the coach. The graph, in both cases, shows an average number in groups of 30 comments.

The face of ‘de Bosque’ has the most used words sized proportional to number of times the word appears.

It was funny to notice how the battle between Spain and Argentina was beyond the championship itself.

Download PDF JO-D-100912-Words in the Way to Victory


Enrique Burgos

Enrique Burgos is one of the top spanish bloggers about marketing.  We share a friend, we talked about him and  how interesting would be to know the evolution of the words of his posts.

So I sorted and counted the words from more than 250 post, from october 2007 to september 2010, and here you have the results.

It would be nice to receive some  advices from him.

Hope you like it man!.



An abstract image of a flamenco dancer (hi Melody!). The words from the flamenco Wikipedia article, I counted only the capitalized words.

Download PDF JO-D-100909-Flamenco

Words for a Kiss

It looks like the thing couldn’t get better… but it happened, live, suddenly, some tears… A KISS!

He made a mess of it.

For this image I have collected over 750 comments (in Spanish) about the kiss, made by the readers of 20minutos.es, and I counted the words most frequently used. Then I spread those words with sizes proportional to their repetition. They are all, without censorship on my part, the nice and not so nice ones.

Download PDF JO-D-100827-SaraIker

I know what happened … it passes through his head and probably thought “now or never”. I know because it happened to all of us  once in our live and still regret not having done so. He did … so thanks Iker for reminding us that we must seize the day.

For me it is a gift, a picture to remember … something simple becomes a symbol, a moment that will stay with us forever.

It remember me the famous photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, the sailor kissing a nurse at the end of World War II.

Iker said “it has been spontaneous”, but I would better say “it has been creative”.

In this second picture I posted two charts. The first shows 40 most used words evolution in groups of 10 comments, the second  table show all the words with the number of times they appears.

Download PDF JO-D-100827-SaraIker2

No Words…

No words … they are the champions!

This is my point of view … some kind of explosion of happiness.

Download PDF JO-D-100826-Campeones01

A different one.

Download PDF JO-D-100826-Campeones02

Paul Newman

Find the top ten Paul Newman movies.

Now there is a greater difficulty because the words are not straight.

Good luck.

Download PDF JO-D-100826-Paul

Woman in words

This image is based on an incredible picture from Michael Ezra.  When I saw it look so pretty I couldn’t resist making a words composition.  But which words to use?

In order to choose the right words I read more than 50 online poems focused on women. Then I manually selected word by word among those who struck me as more consistent with the atmosphere of the image.

I ended up with a highly subjective list of  over 140 words.

I want to thank Michael Ezra for letting me to use his picture as seed image for my work. On his website you can find tons of incredibly beautiful photographs.

Remember that these images are under this license, so the commercial use of them is forbidden.

Download PDF JO-D-100724-MichaelEzra

This second one is a more abstract version.

Download PDF JO-D-100724-MichaelEzra2

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